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NATURE'S FERTILISER has all the attributes of a great all-around organic fertiliser, while providing well-balanced, slow-release nutrition for all types of crops. It also contains a good percentage of Organic Carbon, which most Australian soils lack. Organic Carbon is essential for holding nutrients in the soil
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Composted Fowl Manure

  • Better Spreadability
  • Reduced Odour
  • No Risk Of Weeds
  • Safe To Handle
  • Improved Microbial Activity
  • HACCP Approved Under Certain Conditions
Farmers, if you are considering using chicken manure this coming season, be aware that out-of-season discounts apply.

For more information and orders, phone Chris Watts 0408 826 932,

Raw Chicken Manure

Chicken manure has only become widely available in recent years due to the prolific expansion of the poultry industry both in the Port Wakefield and Monarto/ Murray Bridge districts. Many cereal and pulse farmers have joined fruit, vegetable, and grape growers in using this alternative to conventional fertilisers, both as a replacement or an adjunct to their normal fertiliser program. Chicken manure gives best results when composted or at least aged, where volatiles such as ammonia are converted to more stable forms of nitrogen. Recent crop trials have shown best results are achieved when incorporated within the soil, so zero- till farmers are best to wait until just prior to seeding before spreading chicken manure. 

There are many examples of soils being transformed with regular use, sand hills being the most outstanding. There are many properties that could benefit from application of chicken manure, if only on their poorer performing soils. As manure is produced all year round, off season deals can be struck with some suppliers as the demand between May and October is often reduced. This saves double handling, keeping the price down, and also allows for an ageing, or static composting process to take place, resulting in a more stabilized product, and better nutrient availability. Use of chicken manure will, over a long term, improve both moisture and nutrient holding capacities, whilst increasing organic carbon levels and biological activity. This can only result in increased yields, better protein and oil levels. 

 Chicken manure is a valuable resource, so if every farmer within 50km radius of a poultry farm used chicken manure on their sandy ground, there would not be nearly enough to go round. So get on to your local supplier and start seeing the success! Good growing

For more information and orders, phone Chris Watts 0408 826 932,
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