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About Us

Agrihaul & Chicken Manure

Agrihaul got its start in 1989 as a small agricultural carrier that carted grain, gypsum and cow manure and cleaned a few chicken sheds, mainly selling the manure to market gardeners and vineyards. However, with the poultry industry expanding so greatly in the last 10 years, we now specialise entirely on chicken manure, growing from a humble 15,000 cubic metres to approximately 70,000 cubic metres per annum.

While we aerobically compost an average of 7,500 cubic metres for the vegetable, almond and citrus industries, a majority of our compost now goes to broadacre cereal farmers, predominately in the Mid North and York Peninsula districts. Many farmers have benefitted significantly from chicken manure use, either as an adjunct or as a total replacement of conventional fertilisers over a period of a number of years. This has a greater benefit for lighter soils, especially sand hills and light soils that blow out.

Find Out if Chicken Manure is Right for Your Farm!

It is not uncommon for farmers to report higher yields and better protein and oil percentages, while some farmers are reporting phosphorus and nitrogen readings at never-before-seen levels after six or seven years of use. Using it on cereal crops, they state that they could happily crop without any fertilizer input during tough times.

Chicken is not a ‘one year wonder’. Rather, it is a program that should be executed over at least three years to allow the manure to work into the soil so micro-organisms and nutrients can properly release their valuable elements, break down the old stubble and improve the soil quality over a period of time.

Chicken manure takes time to spread, either by contractor or hiring a machine, so it may not be for everybody. At the spreading rate of 2 to 2.5 tonnes per hectare, there is definitely not enough manure to go around for everybody.
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